lava tube.png

where my adventure began


It all started when…

I hiked up my first mountain. Me, a mountain climber?! I was wearing converse and carrying one small water bottle with “I wish this was wine” sprawled across the side. Unprepared was an understatement… I had blisters on my feet and I was thirsty! And yet, I made it to the top. And I had never felt more at peace, the mountains felt like they were hugging me.

Since that fateful climb I have learned a thing or two about ‘proper footwear’ and making safer choices while adventuring… but it awoke something in me. I loved the outdoors, I loved the adventure and trying new things, and I loved feeling free! Combine this new found need for adventure with a love of travel and you get me learning how to snowshoe, stand up paddleboard, ski, and even camp (like, sleeping on the ground and using a bush as a porta potty, aka ‘legit camping’).

I love to travel, and I have an internal need to encourage others to travel. Travel is like an education, it encourages curiosity and learning about new places, cultures, food, activities, and so much more. All of this leads to increased kindness, understanding, and joy! I love adventure, it brings me joy. I am still quite new to my awakened adventure-spirit and am learning as I go! Join me as our adventure begins!


Quick easy facts

  • Name: Courtney Jancetic

  • Passion: Travel

  • Living in: Calgary

  • Dogs name: PaulaAnka (yes, a Gilmore Girls reference)

I do more than canoe

  • Cooking

  • Wine

  • Patios

  • Fashion