A Beginners Guide to Snowshoe Adventures!

Girls Weekend Snowshoe Trip

Girls Weekend Snowshoe Trip

Snowshoeing is Just Walking in Super Deep Snow.

I’m being a bit flippant, obviously… and still this is something so very easy to do! I live in Calgary where winter is more of a half a year season. A few years ago I decided I NEEDED for my sanity to pick up an outdoor activity. The ‘Calgary Cabin Fever’ was getting to me! Snowshoeing is one of the first adventure activities I tried, because it seemed like walking in deep snow! Thank goodness I was somewhat right (even though there is slightly more to it than that!).

A few things I learned quickly as I ventured into an outdoor adventure activity. I may have had a nice warm winter coat, but apparently a wool plaid colored Coach coat was not appropriate for climbing a mountain. Who could have known?! A nice breathable winter jacket is super important! Another one is socks, this may sound silly but shitty socks can lead to very cold feet and even blisters… not fun on the side of a mountain. Trust - some good smart wool socks are completely worth the investment! All in all, layers and proper equipment are key! Last year I bought a pair of gaiters (I found snowshoeing in snow pants WAY to hot) and gaiters (like these https://amzn.to/2TbHVPa) keep me warm and dry!

While Spring is upon us now is the perfect time to pick up a pair of snowshoes if you are thinking about buying some! Some great options are on Amazon (like there https://amzn.to/2W8lk7P or these https://amzn.to/2TbqRsB). Alternatively, they are likely on sale at your local sport equipment store.

Next is research, this is super important! The first time I ever tried snowshoeing was on our first annual Girls Weekend Getaway. We were all new to snowshoeing and I was the organizer, these fools (said with allll the love) trusted someone climbing a mountain in a wool coat. I picked an Intermediate which ended up being 3 hours up. Nothing gradual about the climb…. WHOOPS! We all made it, had the best time, and it was worth it… BUT I am still hearing about my silliness years later (sorry again to Katie & Nona!). Moral of the story: if it is your first time out try a trail meant for beginners!

To blaze your trail, I recommend the All trails App! It is super helpful and informative and allows you to download your own route.

Wapta Falls, BC

Wapta Falls, BC

Snowshoeing holds a dear place in my heart. As mentioned above, we do an annual girls weekend getaway trip and year after year it is one of my favorite weekends and trips! To connect with your girlfriends is everything. My first real date with my boyfriend he took me snowshoeing, and the photo of Wapta Falls was taken on our first travel getaway we ever went on! It’s a great activity for everyone and every occasion!

I would love to hear from you! Have you snowshoe’d before? If you have, what have you learned? If not, would you give it a go? Sound off in the comments below as our snowshoeing adventure begins!