Learning to Ski!

Get used to the feeling of young kids zooming past you on the hill

When I was younger I went on a school trip yearly where we went to learn to either ski or snowboard. The first year I learned how to ski, and was pieing my way to a stop but was picking up speed (pie is not the most effective) and it ended with me hitting some foam blocks and flipping upside down in the air - massive wipe-out. So the next year I opted for snowboarding. I hated my feet being stuck together and couldn’t get over going down the hill ‘backwards’/on your toes.

Definitely preferred skiing but unfortunately that didn’t matter! It was the end of the school field trips and we didn’t have a lot of money… and neither did any of my friends. Skiing or snowboarding is quite expensive so it is just not something I did outside of those two weeks.

Beauty views available in the Canadian Mountains (taken after falling and deciding it was time for a photo break)

Beauty views available in the Canadian Mountains (taken after falling and deciding it was time for a photo break)

Cut to present day! I have slowly been exploring winter sports and found myself in a place financially where I could try it out again. My health and wellness benefits covered getting new skis and lessons, so I decided to give it a go! I have learned to give up a little control, love the mountains, and felt pretty confident I would enjoy it. I was correct, and I have learned a ton along the way! If you are new to or considering heading out to the mountains I highly recommend taking the ski leap!

Some things to keep in mind if you are getting into skiing:

  • Skiing utilizes muscles in your legs that you did not even know existed

  • Boots are very tight

  • If you are trying it for the first time (or like me, first time in a long time) I recommend renting different skis first to get an idea of the width you like

  • Always lower the ‘party bar’

  • If you (like me) are looking to burn your travel wellness benefit on it, buy the skis now, at the end of season (ie now!) - they will be much cheaper

Legs are sore, time for a Instagram selfie break

Legs are sore, time for a Instagram selfie break

Because it had been so many years I decided to initially go with an instructor. Check out your local ski hill as there may be some good deals for classes! I only had to drive 10 minutes away from my house and went after work every week for a month. It made a huge difference and was a confidence booster! I was given great advice when researching this - learn at the local ski hill if possible. Lessons at the mountains can get super pricey… the advice was “you’re going to spend a lot of time on your ass, so don’t waste money on learning in the mountains”. This was correct for me and the class while at times ‘tedious’ as there were other people really gave me a good base.

After this practice is key - and do not let anyone rush or pressure you into doing something you are uncomfortable with (another blog for another time)! Be patient with yourself, always push a little harder each run, practice your form, and most importantly HAVE FUN! The feeling of solitude as you scoot down the mountains brings me so much joy (whether it is a green, blue, or black run!).

Après while skiing in Revelstoke

Après while skiing in Revelstoke

It is the end of March now, so very late in the season! But that means fun Spring (warm) Skiing, less traffic on the mountains, and forgiving slush snow to practice in. Not to mention it’s a great time to après! I like to say that I may be a blue on the hill, but I am a double black après. Those skills are honed!

I would love to hear from you! Have you tried skiing or snowboarding? Are you looking for reasons to head to the mountains? Any great wipe-outs to share? What is your après drink of choice? Sound off in the comments below as our adventure complete with lowering the party bar begins!