Day Trippin' to good ol' Lake Louise!

Escape to the Mountains for a great day trip!

I love the mountains so so very much! They make me feel safe and cozy, and are therefore a GREAT go-to at the end of a hectic week! I have made the drive through the Canadian Rockies many a time and for me it never gets old. I felt like I had essentially perfected it… throw on some tunes or a podcast and just enjoy the ride!

This time I tried something a bit different for the drive!

PaulaAnka, easily distracted at the wheel

PaulaAnka, easily distracted at the wheel

Just kidding - but I did try something else new. I downloaded an App called “Tripvia” and I highly recommend it! The app plays as you drive on certain routes and takes you through some history and fun facts as you drive! I listened “To the Mountains we go - Alberta” as I drove from Calgary to Lake Louise. I had a great time, it lifted my spirits, and I learned so much about places I have driven and visited many times before! I highly recommend giving it a go, it was great as a solo traveler, but would be a lot of fun with friends and family also!

The app also offers the trips:

  • “Sea to Sky Highway” in BC (I am certain I will be able to listen in the next year) and a

  • Trips from Moose Jaw (This summer I am planning on visiting a friend in Regina and I am already looking forward to using the app to learn as I go!)

  • “To Barrie and Beyond” in Ontario (later this Spring I am headed back to Ontario and will be able to give it a listen then!)

Castle Mountain, get a peek at this stunning mountain on the drive from Calgary to Lake Louise!

Castle Mountain, get a peek at this stunning mountain on the drive from Calgary to Lake Louise!

Once you hit the town of Lake Louise there are plenty of opportunities to explore depending on what you feel that day! Below are my favorite day trips I have taken to the stunning Lake Louise!

  • Feeling lazy? No problem! Head to the Chateau, park and take a quick walk around the lake. Or, in the winter, you can so a Sleigh Ride around the lake (inquire at the hotel for for pricing and times). After your walk (or sleigh) around the lake stop in at the Fairview restaurant on the property for a quick snack while you take in the view!

  • Feeling adventurous? PERFECT! So many great hiking trails (and snowshoeing) trails begin around the Chateau. Try a hike up to the Tea House or Fairview Lookout for the most popular although there are a bunch of options (try All Trails app for more ideas!). Always remember safety first and check trail conditions!

  • Feeling active? SUPER - try skiing at Lake Louise Ski Hill in the winter, and in the summer commit to a more intense hike like Saddleback Pass/Mount Fairview!

A dog in a backpack: The PaulaAnka story (in deep snow)

A dog in a backpack: The PaulaAnka story (in deep snow)

All in all, a trip to the mountains is always different… perfect every time in it’s own way! Next time you day trip maybe take a look at some fun apps (like Tripvia) to make the journey just as much fun as the destination!

Do you have any go-to day trips to share with others in the community? What do you do to decompress? Any great food suggestions for Lake Louise? Sound off in the comments below as our adventure complete with gorgeous views along the way begins!



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