Tacos and Trails in Tofino

Adventures in Tofino with an “old lady” chihuahua

Canada is such a beautiful country, the diversity (with people and scenery) fills me with pride for my country! This last December we drove the long drive from Calgary to Vancouver for Christmas with my dog. I have been to Vancouver quite a few times, and I had never taken the trip to Tofino despite it being on my bucket list. Finally, we took the rainy drive!

My little buckaroo PaulaAnka on the Pacific Crest Trail (what a model)

My little buckaroo PaulaAnka on the Pacific Crest Trail (what a model)

For those inquiring minds, Tofino is a beautiful town on the Western coastline of British Columbia (and Canada, for that matter). If you are interested in surfing, hiking, storm watching, or tacos this is the town for you! The town is the perfect size for a romantic or outdoorsy (or both!) adventure. And since we drove we actually brought my little buckaroo doggy (named PaulaAnka, yes after Gilmore Girls!).

We had a fun filled few days watching the surfers on Long Beach, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in Ucluelet, and running on the beach with PaulaAnka! Something to know about Tofino before you go is that it is a very rainy place. It is WET. So so very wet. I brought a rain coat (from Patagonia, a great purchase!), I wish I owned two to bring! I also invested in a rain coat for PaulaAnka (which she hated), but am so very glad I did, wet dog smell is a no-go for me! Next time I would probably grab a few extra ponchos (like these https://amzn.to/2UMI25k) which are always great to have just in case of emergency.

Stunning view from the Pacific Coast Trail

Stunning view from the Pacific Coast Trail

Something that surprised me in the best possible way was the food in Tofino… I knew of a taco truck called Tacofino before I went and knew I had to go, and it was so stellar! Highly recommend grabbing some tacos or burritos and heading over to watch the surfers on the beach.

The Tofino Brewing Company is also a must stop for beer lovers to try a flight or pick up a growler for the room!

For dinner heard we needed to check out Wolf in the Fog but they were completely booked up. We walked from our hotel over to a restaurant called Shelter and it was stellar! My partner almost had to roll me home because of all the food and wine consumed (no regrets!).

Luckily I was able to work (most of) it off with the long hike on the Pacific Crest Trail and a trail run the next morning in Tonquin Park. The trail run the next day is something I am proud of, exercise on vacation is something I have not been good at and I was able to do it! The Pacific Crest trail is stunning, perhaps one of the most stunning hikes I have been on in my life! It is super easy and PaulaAnka the elderly chihuahua was able to do it along with us. I recommend packing a lunch and spending a lot of time on the trail and make as much ground as possible!

PaulaAnka and I mid hike, with one photo participant a little cranky from the hike!

PaulaAnka and I mid hike, with one photo participant a little cranky from the hike!

Traveling with my pooch was something I have done before, but it is not a common occurrence and this time definitely felt different. The travel itself was long, there was a lot of driving, a ferry ride, and PaulaAnka handled it wonderfully! I think she was thrilled to escape the cold of Calgary winter although her excitement certainly weened in the rain! If you are taking a pooch to a rainy place I highly recommend a dog rain coat. I took PaulaAnka to a local store to try on the rain coat but there are cheaper options available on Amazon (https://amzn.to/2TiPX92). Additionally grabbed some cheap travel bowls so she could drink water in the car and eat in the hotel (https://amzn.to/2ULh1iL). I also made sure to bring her home toys and dog “bed” (which we call dog palace) to ensure wherever we stayed “smelled like home”. Traveling with her was so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again!

What about you you! Have you taken your dog on a travel adventure before? Have you been Tofino or know of any other great weekend adventure escapes? Sound off in the comments below as our adventure complete with minimal dog barking begins!



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